About us

Welcome to our country and to the Portugal Film Connection platform!

Whether you are a film director, a creative or a TV producer, and if you are thinking about filming, or producing your own film, TV show or documentary in Portugal, you will need the experience and knowledge of Portuguese professionals.
Thus, with foreign productions in mind, we have developed the PFC platform, that showcases professionals of the film industry panorama, post-production and equipment companies, as well as some information you may find useful when developing a project here!
In the Services area we have disposed the categories of technical expertise where, according to your needs, you can checkout the suppliers work. Just click on the links that lead you straight to their website for complete info.
PFC intends to be your platform of choice when you decide that Portugal is the place that best suits your project. Here we show what you can expect technically from the professionals of our country, showcasing equipment companies and technical offers!
We know that shooting abroad it`s no easy task, so we hope to be helpful in making the entire process easier for you!

Come work with us and take Portugal with you.