Cash rebate

The Advantages of Filming in Portugal.

In June 2018 the Portuguese Government released DL. N.º 45!
The Dl. 45/2018, June 19th, creates the Support Fund for Tourism and Cinema, which translates into the incentive to the cinematographic and audiovisual production and capture of international filming for Portugal, setting its original capital at 30 million Euros up to 50 million Euros, fully paid by Turismo de Portugal. This is a non-refundable support, subject to the fulfillment of cultural and cinematographic-audiovisual requirements, indexed to production expenditure in national territory, compatible with European Union standards in this area.
The support is granted by a joint decision of ICA, I.P., and Turismo de Portugal, I. P...
Portugal is part of 9 bilateral film co-productions treaties (France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Angola, Brazil, Cape Verde, Mozambique and S. Tomé). A treaty with Israel has been signed recently and negotiations with China and India are under way. Besides, Portugal is in the council of Europe convention on cinematographic co-production and in the Ibero-American co-production agreement.
This means that co-producing with Portuguese partners somehow «opens doors» to possible co-productions with more than 50 countries in Europe, Asia, Africa and America.
Cash Rebate can be requested in projects whose production involves making expenses in Portugal worth 500 thousand or 250 thousand Euros for documentaries and post-production
Therefore, Portugal, through the DL. No 45, has one of the most competitive film and audiovisual production incentive systems in Europe to support your production!
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